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Braces: What Foods You Can & Cannot Eat

Braces: What Foods You Can & Cannot Eat

Braces have greatly improved over the years, and while they are much sturdier than they used to be, some foods could still damage your braces. Here, our Langley orthodontist shares a brief list of the foods you can and cannot eat while wearing braces. 

If you wear braces to straighten your teeth it’s important to know which foods could damage your braces or increase your risk for cavities.

To help prevent tooth decay and gum disease caused by plaque, it's important to avoid sugary, starchy foods. In order to help prevent damage to the wires or loose brackets it's a good idea to avoid sticky, chewy foods. 

What foods should I avoid with braces?

If you're straightening your smile with traditional braces you should should avoid all foods that are sticky, hard or chewy. 

A few of the foods to avoid during treatment with braces include: bagels, jelly beans, popcorn, nuts, hard candy and corn chips. 

Foods such as these can damage your braces and slow your treatment down.

What food can I still eat with braces?

Soft foods are typically recommended for people with braces. Soft foods tend to be gentler and less likely to cause damage to your braces.

While wearing braces, a few of the foods you can enjoy are: mashed potatoes, cheeses, pasta, cooked veggies, yogurt, and soft fruits (bananas, grapes, etc.).

It's important for those who wear braces to try and avoid biting into hard foods with their front teeth. You may be able to enjoy the following foods provided they are cut into small pieces: raw vegetables, hard bread, fruit and corn on the cob (removed from the cob). 

Why should I follow these guidelines for eating with braces?

Damage to the wires or brackets of your braces could slow your orthodontic treatment.

To keep your treatment on track, and avoid damage to your braces, be careful about what you eat, and be sure to avoid foods that are likely to damage your braces or your overall oral health.

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