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Elevate Your Smile with Translucent Cosmetic Braces in Langley

With the translucent cosmetic braces option we offer at Langley Orthodontics, you can get the same benefits as with wire braces. They also may also have a less obvious 'braces look'.

Langley's Translucent Cosmetic Braces at Langley Orthodontics

What Are Translucent Cosmetic Braces?

Translucent cosmetic braces are very similar to traditional metal braces, except that the brackets (and in some cases, the wires) are tooth-colored rather than metal.

These tooth-colored ceramic brackets are generally non-staining and can blend in with your teeth as if they were translucent. This can make them less noticeable than metal, but not as "transparent" as inside braces or clear aligners.

Translucent cosmetic braces are made of composite materials that are somewhat weaker and more brittle than metal braces are. And though they may blend in with the natural colour of your teeth better, the brackets are slightly larger than metal brackets.

Like traditional braces, translucent ceramic brackets are not removable until orthodontic treatment is completed. This means that they involve more or less the same lifestyle issues as metal braces do.

Other Treatment Considerations in Langley, BC

Since they're not as strong as metal braces, translucent cosmetic braces can sometimes require a longer treatment time frame, since your orthodontist may need to apply a slower, more gradual force to ensure the strength capabilities of the clear brackets are not overtaxed.

Translucent cosmetic braces are typically more expensive than traditional metal braces. For this reason, some patients decide to have the ceramic braces placed only on the most visible teeth – typically the upper teeth or even just the upper center teeth – while using traditional metal brackets on the rest.

Also, there is a risk of tooth abrasion if the incisal edges of the upper front teeth touch the lower ceramic brackets.

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