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Navigating Orthodontics: Can You Get Braces While Pregnant?

Navigating Orthodontics: Can You Get Braces While Pregnant?

When it comes to getting braces, certain instances make people wonder if they're eligible. A common inquiry is whether pregnant women are able to undergo orthodontic treatment. In this post, our Langley orthodontists answer the question of can you get braces while you're pregnant.

Is it safe to get braces while pregnant?

If you are thinking of getting orthodontic treatment  plan while you're expecting, you may be wondering 'Can you get braces during pregnancy?'. Simply put, there is no medical reason to deter you from receiving orthodontic treatment during pregnancy. As with anyone looking to receive braces, the state of your teeth and gums will determine whether it is an ideal orthodontic option

A big concern patients have is that orthodontic treatment will require diagnostic X-rays. Dental professionals tend to disagree on whether small amounts of radiation can interfere with a fetus’s rapid cell division and development, but there is no evidence that very minimal amounts of radiation, such as an X-ray, will have any effect on an unborn baby. 

Benefits of Getting Dental Braces During Pregnancy

From a practical standpoint, it may be ideal to get traditional braces before your baby is born. This way, you’ll avoid the inconvenience and potential risk of having to find care for your child or dragging them with you to your appointments. Although fixing your smile will likely take longer than it takes you to grow your baby, the less time you have left of your dental treatment, the better.

From an orthodontists standpoint, pregnancy hormones can cause your teeth to loosen a bit, so it can actually be beneficial to get braces during this time as it can mildly expedite the process.

Possible Downside of Getting Braces While Pregnant

Although successful orthodontic treatment can increase your confidence in your smile and promote dental health care and orthodontic care, the temporary side effects may be plentiful and can be a lot to handle in addition to the run-of-the-mill pregnancy aches, pains, and other associated symptoms.

Tooth and gum sensitivity (gum disease) and dental issues can also come along with pregnancy, and you may have some tooth sensitivity to go along with that. Braces tend to cause oral discomfort, and your pregnancy can make the symptoms feel a bit more intense.

With that being said, topical oral anesthetics, orthodontic wax, and rinsing with warm salt water are perfectly safe for you during pregnancy. Other remedies like ice cream, smoothies, and milkshakes can help provide some relief.

Commit Time to Your Treatment

Throughout the duration of your orthodontic treatment, you’ll need to visit your orthodontist every six to ten weeks or so. It is also important that you maintain regular dental checkups every six months at minimum.

On top of visiting your OB/GYN regularly, this will result in an abundance of appointments. If you are still working full-time, these commitments can become overwhelming. This is especially true if your due date is approaching and/or you have other children to take care of.

Be sure to discuss any medical procedures or treatments with your OB/GYN, midwife, or healthcare provider when you are pregnant or trying to conceive. But rest assured, it’s perfectly safe to receive orthodontic treatment during pregnancy. Just be sure to let your orthodontist know that you are pregnant, make sure your belly is covered with a lead shield during necessary oral X-rays, and take extra care in cleaning around your braces during pregnancy.

Are you pregnant and wondering about braces? Contact our Langley orthodontists for more information on how to improve your oral health or to have any of your questions answered.

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