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Colourful Elastics Help to Make Braces Fun

Colourful Elastics Help to Make Braces Fun

You and your braces are going to be together for awhile, so have a little fun and switch-up your elastic colours each time you visit your Langley orthodontist for an adjustment! Here are few tips on how to decide which colours you should pick next time around.

How do I change the colour of my braces elastics?

Orthodontic braces are made of different parts that all work together to straighten your teeth. Elastic tie bands are a group of parts that play an essential role in shifting your teeth to their corrected positions.

Tie elastics (or ligatures as they are sometimes called) are placed around each of your brackets to hold the archwire securely within the bracket slot.

After some time the tie elastics will lose their stretchiness. That's why your orthodontist will swap them for new elastics at each of your adjustment appointments. Your adjustment appointments are your opportunity to change up your smile by choosing a new colour, or colours, for your braces.

When it comes to tie elastics, there are a rainbow of colours to choose from. Whether you prefer subtle colours like silver and light pink, or bright flashy reds and electric blues, you are bound to find a colour that makes you smile. Changing your elastic colours allows you to change up the look of your smile every time you visit us.

What colour should I choose?

Not sure which colour(s) is right for you? Just follow the tips below and let your imagination run wild.

  • Try to avoid brown, black and some shades of green since these can make it look like you have food stuck in your teeth.
  • Avoid white since it tends to cause teeth to look yellow and discoloured.
  • Pick your favourite colour...just because it's your favourite colour!
  • Choose the colours of your favourite sports team and flash that smile each time you cheer!
  • Try on your school colours to show your loyalty to your school.
  • Look for a colour that suits your complexion so that you don't feel self-conscious when you smile.
  • Find a colour that compliments your eye colour to give your smile extra style.
Still can't decide which colour is right for you? Try to keep in mind that you will have lots of adjustment appointments throughout your orthodontic treatment, so if you aren't totally happy with the colours you choose today, don't fret, in a few days you will be able to swap them out for a different colour combination!

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